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protoCorserran Species Concept by Aardcore protoCorserran Species Concept by Aardcore
Now remember, the colors you see are not the constant depiction of these particular creatures, they're just what I had in my mind at the time and you can actually run across a myriad of color patterns from a wide range of whatever you can imagine... but overall this is the concept for what gender neutral Corserrans look like.

This one was a bit challenging for some reason, not really sure why but it felt a lot more difficult than it really shouldn't have been, but now I'm just complaining :P

Anyway, I said I'd get this done, and I did :) I'm happy that way now.

sing. proto-Cor...

COMMON FEATURES: Four arms, elongated crural lenghts, quadtentaculus flagellum (four tentacles), smooth/polished complexion, bright/electric and deep/cool colorization, considerably crouched posture.

Proto-Corserrans remark the age of humanity's first contact with their species centuries ago. Their long, surreal, complacent faces, large observant eyes and kyphotic posture that, despite many centuries after first contact, still unnerve individuals of their aesthetically discomforting disposition. However Corserrans are regarded as one of the most docile, peaceful creatures of all the alien races humanity had made contact with. Proto-Corserrans make up less than 2% of the active population of Galactic Front Alliance's Corserran statistics with exception to that of allied Corserran systems which retain a majority of the Corserran legacy. Considered unnecessary by most, proto-Corserrans actually play one of the most key roles to humanity never spoken. While all Corserrans, from post to pre-human contact, share common characteristics, mannerisms and physiology, proto-Corserrans make for a subtle, yet massive exception for retaining their gender neutral, asexual embodiment.

Unlike major known Corserrans throughout GFA space, proto-Corserrans speak in subharmonic as well as light manipulative signaling. Most proto-Corserrans are outfitted with sophisticated translation systems which render Corserran language seamlessly after many years of cooperation and open hand relations with humanity since first contact. However it should be noted that because of proto-Corserran physiology, it should come to no surprise that proto-Corserrans are remarkable body readers. Before translation systems were created and imparted onto the Corserran race, human and Corserran interaction dealt specifically in sign language, morse code and oddly enough, Aviation light signals. The task was no easy feat however since Corserran semantics were erratically irregular, between impulses of precise to allegorically vague statements that left many open ended scenarios to any discussion.

One such example of Corserran language, a common proverb specifically, translates as:

Come sea to the stars as we, will one, sing, dance, and reason.

Humanity scholars have spent many careers and life cycles attempting to decipher Corserran language yet countless theories and juxtapositions about any defined truth behind any of it continuously morph the study all together. For this, proto-Corserrans have been regarded as master encryption ciphers. Much like humanity's own code talk ciphers in the second World War using Navajo and prior examples before that, proto-Corserrans have become specialized as GFA's cipher specialists and data encryption engineers. Because of proto-Corserran vagueness and impulsive precision, their ciphers can lead to avenues, alleys, corridors upon endless ruses of misled information which unless another specialized proto-Corserran can counter, is rendered impossible to successfully decipher. Since then, proto-Corserrans within GFA open space have become a quintessential asset, protected strictly through interstellar security and often respected by the highest military and political grades. Disruption, disturbance, threatening, conspiracy or any other means of deviance towards proto-Corserran is punishable by galactic martial law of zero tolerance.

Proto-Corserrans make up for a major body of instellar counter/active and overall military intelligence, handling top-tier classified consultant positions. Not a single creature in existence can fool proto-Corserran observance. Synthetic or biologic bodies alike, proto-Corserrans know well enough of every spectrum that nothing escapes their senses. As noted that all Corserran retain identical physiology, it is that gender qualified Corserrans lack this ability however. Research shows that once Corserran retain the quality of a sex, specific to whatever species (though humanity being their most favored), they lose some if not all their ability to manipulate cognition as their proto-kin. While Corserran alike can communicate with one another openly and successfully, it should be reminded that proto-Corserran are the only class in their species with hyper sensory attribution.

Also... proto-Corserrans LOVE Kraftwerk.

"One of the craziest things I'd ever seen in my life never happened on the battlefield. No way man, it happened at some concert renaissance of 20th century music. Specifically, this band named Kraftwerk. There were a bunch of proto-Cors in the stadium right? Well imagine a concert full of proto-Cors swinging side to side all huddled together like automatons... man they didn't even need a light show for that-- all their faces lit up in synchronize to the rhythm and all, it was wild!"

-Wolfgang "Wolf" Shuraius
manaista Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is just an amazing concept!!
LeccathuFurvicael Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
This creation, and moreover, the BACKGROUND for this creation, is absolutely enveloping! I would really love to have this species truly exist in the world - you have created something truly fascinating and engaging, which your writing skills surely help pass on! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful world of yours in such detail. :heart:
Pyrah Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
Do the tentacles help it move? Loving the anatomy.
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